12Box Model

Digital Transformation

with the 12Box Model® Improved Best Practice

Is your market disrupted by competition, digitization, Industry 4.0 or Green Transition?
And do your transformations or projects risk problems or even failure?

Execute Digital Transformations with 100% Business fit, Double speed and Half costs.
Get ahead of competition!

Upgrade Strategyzer Business Model Canvas, McKinsey 7S Model, SWOT Analysis, 4P Marketing, Balanced Scorecard, Blue Ocean Strategy, Design Thinking, Scrum, SAFe®, PMI®, and PRINCE2® with a coherent framework and an improved toolbox, workshops, templates, examples and training. 

A Superior Digital Transformation Platform

Save Money: Skip expensive courses.
Accelerate transformation: By practice integration and project execution!

The 12Box Model Transformation Execution Platform is built on top of the best practices within business transformation. The 12Box model has inherited their best properties. You can now harvest the synergies by a natural and coherent framework bridging the gap from strategy to execution.

  • Supertrends, Business drivers, Vision and Mission
  • Innovation, Operating Model, Business Algorithm
  • Outside-in Customer Centric and Inside-out Technology Driven Approaches
  • Customer Value, Value Stream, Touchpoint/Journey based  business process design
  • Agile business planning and Statement of Work/Work Package based project planning and execution

Benefit from 35 years of digitalization experience from Strategy Consulting, Finance, FMG, Advertising and IT industries! 

The book is based on best practice methodology and 35 years of experience:
5 Steps to Successful Transformation
by Palle Stenver, 2020. 

Superior Digital Transformation Execution

Your Performance Improvement #1:

The 12Box Model provides you with an instant logical map of your business. You can now conduct structured business analysis and transformation planning – and most important: connect strategy with project execution! 

Your Performance Improvement #2:
The 12Box Model integrates with most commonly used methods. You can now provide higher quality of specifications and use transformation methods more efficiently.

Your Performance Improvement #3:
The 12Box Model describes a business as a platform. You can will now develop a coherent cross organisational understanding of your business.

Your Performance Improvement #4:
The Lessons contains the agendas for the workshop in a business driven change. You can now maximize the business fit in transformations, programs and projects.

Your Performance Improvement #5:
The 12Box Model Framework provides tools to create coherent requirements and specifications. You can now work more efficiently, i.e. reduce costs and accelerate progress.

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Commonly asked Questions

  • Why should you improve best practice?

    Best practices are what they are acknowledged to be: Best Practices.

    But when you start to combine best practices, that does not fit together you loose momentum; too much valuable information is lost in transformation. And, as you add more best practices the inconsistency and confusion in the transformation increases.

    You will need to let the best practices work together. The 12Box Model will let the best practices integrate seamlessly.

  • Will simplifying Business Analysis really accelerate transformations?

    Yes, "less is more"! Each time you off-load a best practice, the transformation speed increases exponentially.

    The basics of the 12Box Model is the 12 Themes and the Change Sheet (as-is, to-do and to-be). You will only have to learn that!

    As the 12Box Model is a super structure on the most common best practices, you can achieved the same high level results as if you have used the best practices. And if more substance is needed, you can anytime deep-dive into the best practices - while maintaining the overview by the 12Box Model.

  • How can I bridge the Gap between Strategy and Execution?

    The 12Box Model's 12 Themes represents a complete description of the dynamics of the business. Together with the Change Sheet (as-is, to-do and to-be) the Themes can be applied the models mechanics at all levels to describe Business Drivers, Innovation, Vision, Directions, KPIs, Value Streams down to operational Touchpoints, Initiatives and Statements of Work.

  • How do I integrate with the Best Practices?

    Most best practices like Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking or Scrum operates inside their own paradigm.

    The 12Box Model works like a translator between the practices. Because The 12Box model is constructed as a blend notions from the best practices, it is just to map the notions of the best practices with the themes of the 12Box Model. But, because the 12 Box model is a super structure, the will be some blanks you will need to fill into the 12Box Model.

  • How do I optimise organisational learing and reuse projects?

    Very few best practices (if any!) have a precise relational data structure that connects business impact, the requirements and the statement of work.

    The 12Box Model provides a simple data structure that allow you to store and filter the information of a transformation. The next time you want to address the same type of impact, you can extract and modify the previous transformation. In this way you can reuse and optimze the previous transformation and use this to facilitate the organizational learning.

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