Palle Stenver

Palle Stenver has worked for 35 years with digital transformations. And he has on his my own body felt successes and failures of transformations. This has be a strong motivation to establish PROCE Institute and to advance the methodologies to improve the success rates of transformations. 

In his work he experienced, that It is not a lucky punch to succeed in business transformation. It is a question about establishing the right working conditions!  Under these cercumstances he demonstrated, how to double the speed of a transformation and how to accelerate the transformation speed even further by reusing transformations.

Palle Stenver  has a background in computer science and process simulation. I have supplemented my engineering background with a Bachelor in Strategic Planning and a Bachelor in Marketing. His  thesis was about  Innovation. This work was the first step in the evolution of the 12Box ModelĀ® business analysis framework, 

Palle Stenver has worked with transformation in many sectores; Banks, Internet industry, Fast Moving Consumer goods,, Strategic Consultance, Utility and IT service providers. For example: Danske Bank, Nordea, Framfab, Coop, Forrester Research, Orsted, FDC and NNIT.