Books About The Framework

Palle Stenver
5 Steps To Successful Transformation

5 Steps to Successful Business Transformation

The book is based on best practice methodology and 35 years of experience:
5 Steps to Successful Transformation by Palle Stenver, 2020. 

Benefit #1:

The 12Box Model provides you with an instant logical map of your business. You can now conduct structured business analysis and transformation planning – and most important: connect strategy with project execution! 

Benefit #2:
The 12Box Model integrates with most commonly used methods. You can now provide higher quality of specifications and use transformation methods more efficiently.

Benefit #3:
The 12Box Model describes a business as a platform. You can will now develop a coherent cross organisational understanding of your business.

Benefit #4:
The Lessons contains the agendas for the workshop in a business driven change. You can now maximize the business fit in transformations, programs and projects.

Benefit #5:
The 12Box Model Framework provides tools to create coherent requirements and specifications. You can now work more efficiently, i.e. reduce costs and accelerate progress.

Palle Stenver
Disruption And Digital Transformation

Disruption and Digital Transformation


How to change fast agile and repeatedly. An in depth master work in how to manage the total business transformations including staffing and planning the transformation process.  
Disruption and Digital Transformation by Palle Stenver, 2017 

Benefit #1:

Disruption and Digital Transformation explains the entreprisewide implementation of the 12Box Model, as described in 5 Steps to Successful Transformation.

Benefit #2:
Disruption and Digital Transformation connects transformation staffing with with the specific tasks of the transformation process

Benefit #3:
Disruption and Digital Transformation deals with the organisational and management challenges which, in general, represent the most critial issues in succeeding in a digital transformation.