Why use the 12Box Model?

  • Why should you improve best practice?

    Best practices are what they are acknowledged to be: Best Practices.

    But when you start to combine best practices, that does not fit together you loose momentum; too much valuable information is lost in transformation. And, as you add more best practices the inconsistency and confusion in the transformation increases.

    You will need to let the best practices work together. The 12Box Model will let the best practices integrate seamlessly.

  • Which Transformation Method should I choose?

    Most transformation methods works within a narrow paradigm. Ex. Customer Centricity or Strategy Analysis.

    The 12Box Model is a general model that enables the information flow between the other methods. In this way you can start out with the 12Box Model and then deep dive into other methods depending of the urgency and complexity of the transformation. In this way you will unleash the value of the huge knowledge created by decades of brilliant research.

  • What is the differences between the 12Box Model and Business Model Canvas?

    Compared with the 12Box Model, the Business Model Canvas has several weaknesses, ex.:

    • No integration to the Vision
    • Non existing Business Algorithm
    • Does not consider AS-IS and TO-BE (nor TO-DO)
    • Does not reflect the business dynamics
    • No integration with other models and methods

    If you are familiar with using Business Model Canvas, it is easy to advance to use the 12Box Model.

  • What is the difference between a Canvas and a Map?

    A Canvas is a tabular representation of subjects.

    A Map is a precise diagram of subjects with their relative position and the logical relation between the subjects.

  • Can I reuse projects?

    Yes, the 12Box Model provides the data model and concept storing your business analysis and statements of work. When you start a new project you restore a pervious project, update with new requirements and re run the project. Experience shows that re-run projects execute three times faster and with a 100% success rate.

  • We already have too many methods!

    You may already have too many methods in your organisation. You may fear that adding yet an other model may paralyse your organisation. This is because each of you existing methods are created independently and they do not share the same paradigm. It is like one big jigsaw puzzle where none of the pieces fit together.

    The 12Box Model provides the infrastructure that will make the pieces fit together. This community and Palle Stenver's book 5 Steps to Succesful Business transformation (only 128 pages) will simplify and integrate the transformation process. You will experience your transformation runs faster and smoothly in your synchronised business.

  • How can I bridge the organisational silos?

    Organisational silos are like isolated islands. They do not share the same language, culture and legislation. Inhabitants from one island will not understand one from an other island. The 12Box Model will let the inhabitants on the islands cooperate by providing a common language and culture.

  • What is the Rosetta Stone in Business Transformation?

    The Rosetta Stone was found by Napoleon's troupes in Egypt in 1799. The stone was produced in 196 BC and it contained the same story in 3 languages: Hieroglyphic, Demotic and Greek. The discovery of stone meant that it for the first time became possible to translate Hieroglyphic writing. The 12Box Model has similar function. It makes it possible to translate information across the organisation.