How to get started

  • Why should you improve best practice?

    Best practices are what they are acknowledged to be: Best Practices.

    But when you start to combine best practices, that does not fit together you loose momentum; too much valuable information is lost in transformation. And, as you add more best practices the inconsistency and confusion in the transformation increases.

    You will need to let the best practices work together. The 12Box Model will let the best practices integrate seamlessly.

  • How do I communicate objectives and actions precisely

    The 12Box Model describes a Business Platform by the Perspectives, Consumer, Management and Production. By using the stories integrated into the Perspectives,, you can in plain language describe the reasons and impact for the transformation.

  • How can I bridge the organisational silos?

    Organisational silos are like isolated islands. They do not share the same language, culture and legislation. Inhabitants from one island will not understand one from an other island. The 12Box Model will let the inhabitants on the islands cooperate by providing a common language and culture.

  • Strategy or execution first?
    Joel A. Baker is quoted to have said: "Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." Palle Stenver's book "5 Steps to Successful Transformation" and the related courses starts at execution level. This is because it is the easiest way to explain the 12Box Model. In the proficient 12Box Organisation, your should start with the Drivers (ex. Supertrends). But if you are not able to connect strategy with execution your transformation effort is likely to be unsuccessful.
  • How do I get material for meetings and workshops?
    Just visit the workshop description in the Workshops area to find the list of the material you do not have already. Then go to the shop to order the items you do not have.
  • How do I invite to a workshop?
    1. Create the invite in your meeting system as usual.
    2. Find the agenda in this sites Workshop drop down
    3. Copy the agenda into the meeting invite
    4. Copy the link pointing to the workshop description
    You workshop participants will now know how to prepare for the workshop and what to expect on the content. If needed, modify the agenda to suit to you purpose of the workshop,
  • Does everybody in my team have to know the 12Box Model?
    No, you can use the 12Box model as your personal tool to structure your analysis. However, if everybody in the team is familiar with the Themes, the Change Sheet and the mechanics of the framework, you will have a common language that will let you communicate effortless about the content of the transformation.
  • Is it easy to get started using the 12 Box Model?
    Yes, just take the first course and start using the Change Sheet. The first course is free.