What is a Payment?

Definition: A Payment is a transfer of value from a Consumer to the Business. Traditionally were considder payments to be by money. But, especially in the Digital Economy payment can take other forms. Some examples: Google’s services are paid with information about the users. Google will then earn money from targeted advertising. Social medias like …

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What is a Buying Centre?

Definition: A buying Centre is a group of individuals involed in a purchasing, using and terminating a product or service. Buying Centres commonly occur in organisational buying. But products og services to be used in a group or family also can also be purchased by a buying centre. Roles in a Buying Centre could be: …

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Prosumer Versus Consumer

The digitization in the latest decades, has set the traditional customer perception under pressure. With the digital economy, platforms have shifted from delivering products to be a platform for delivering self service functionality. We now see that the users now use the business platform to produce the products or services themselves. In this way the …

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