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What is a Process?

A Process is a sequence of connected steps. The Process starts with an event and terminates with one or more Outcome. A step consists of one or more actions. One action is executed by one (and only one) role. One Outcome outcome can trigger another process. Download the process template here.

What is a Process Map?

A process map is a document that visually outlines the steps required to complete a workflow in the business. See: here

What is a Touchpoint?

A Touchpoint is where a Consumer meets the Business. It is the intersection between the Consumer Journey, the Services delivered by the business and the business Governance process. More info, se here

Can I work with multiple Consumer Profiles?

In general, it is recommended only to work with one Consumer profile to be unambiguous precise in the communication. However, in group or organisational buying, where the buying centre consists of multiples individuals (roles), you may have to diversify your communication to multiple profiles.