Next Generation Business Design

Next Generation Business Design

Upgrade your transformation toolbox to the 12Box Model®.

Most analytical frameworks like McKinsey 7S, Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking dates to the last century or the early 2000’s. Common for these frameworks is that they work inside their own paradigm, and they therefore do not integrate.

Today’s digital transformations tend to be more profound than previous incremental changes. Changes cannot be isolated to a single organisational unit or a simple product. The whole customer journey and business algorithm are due for changes.

Nothing new has happened to the analytical frameworks in the last decades. Despite significant investments in agile project management methods, the failure rate on business impact remains extremely high. Many sources indicate that the failure rate is about 70% – and for digital transformations even higher!


One powerful framework for the whole organisation

The 12Box Model is constructed with digital transformations in mind. Even though it’s 12 Themes are very easy to learn, it the framework can be used across the organisation i.e. from marketing to IT and from strategy to execution. The 12Box Model® is built on top of the traditional methods and it integrates seamlessly with most used strategy models and project management tools. At the same time the 12Box Model® provides a consistent cross organisational transformation language that will enable the whole organisation to work to achieve a well-defined strategic target.


Strategic Workshops

The high-level input to the 12Box Model is the strategic Vision about how markets and demands will develop in the future. From the Vision the business defines it’s mission i.e. which consumer value the business should provide, which role it should play in the society and supply chain, and how it should be financed.

The Strategic Workshops are based on the 12Box Model’s strategic mode. The strategic elements are Mission, Algorithm, Humans and Infrastructure. And the setup will address the strategic gaps concerning Consumer Centricity, Adaption to consumer behaviour, man-Machine Integration, Modulisation of the business architecture, automation of processes, and digitisation of the infrastructure.


Tactical Workshops

The tactical workshops are hybrids of the strategic and operational modes. The purpose is to define the Business Architecture and to substantiate the Business Algorithm.

Here we work with the 4 mindsets (analytical approaches). The Outside-in approach takes starting point in changes in Consumer behaviour (ex. Design Thinking), the Inside-out approach takes starting point in technology change (ex. Industry 4.0) takes starting point in change in society (ex. political or in green transition) and the Bottom-up financial performance (ex. based on the Balanced Scorecard).


Operational Workshops

The purpose of the Operational Workshops is to provide the business input to the transformation projects.

Most project management methods work with the Business Case as the key element to initiate a project (ex. PRINCE2, PMI or SAFe). In The 12Box Model® this is identified as a Value Stream. It is defined as the smallest part of the Business Algorithm, that can be performed isolated, and which can provide customer value and where costs and revenue can be measured.

The operational workshops use the 12Box Model® in operational mode. In combination with the Change Sheet (AS-IS, TO-DO and TO-BE), the 12Box Model® produces solid and aligned specification of the business requirements for a transformation. And the change sheet provides a solid input to the Statements of Work for the projects.

Every theme has a precise position in the framework. This structure makes it possible to map the relations between triggers and impact across the business.

Taking Business Transformation to the next level

.When the organisation is confident in working with the 12Box Model®, the organisation transformation competence can be developed to an even hight level by upgrading the organisation to the 4Dimension® framework..The 12Box Model® is one for the 4 Dimensions, and the whole philosophy of themes, perspectives and approaches is reused in an enterprise architectural context.

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