PROCE Institute is a competence center for Business Transformation and we strive to develop frameworks and methodologies to optimise Business transformation to be faster and more successful. Our findings can be found in the books “5 Steps to Successful Transformation” about the 12Box Model and “Disruption and Digital Transformation” about the 4Dimensions Transformation Framework.

PROCE Institute was founded in February 1st. 2015 by Palle Stenver in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
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Palle Stenver

Palle Stenver has worked for 35 years with digital transformations. And he has on his my own body felt successes and failures of transformations. This has be a strong motivation to establish PROCE Institute and to advance the methodologies to improve the success rates of transformations. 

In his work he experienced, that It is not a lucky punch to succeed in business transformation. It is a question about establishing the right working conditions!  Under these cercumstances he demonstrated, how to double the speed of a transformation and how to accelerate the transformation speed even further by reusing transformations.

Palle Stenver  has a background in computer science and process simulation. I have supplemented my engineering background with a Bachelor in Strategic Planning and a Bachelor in Marketing. His  thesis was about  Innovation. This work was the first step in the evolution of the 12Box ModelĀ® business analysis framework, 

Palle Stenver has worked with transformation in many sectores; Banks, Internet industry, Fast Moving Consumer goods,, Strategic Consultance, Utility and IT service providers. For example: Danske Bank, Nordea, Framfab, Coop, Forrester Research, Orsted, FDC and NNIT.

Christian Bagger

Christian Bagger

Christian Bagger is a Business- and Organizational Change Specialist with 20+ years consulting experience from large organizations in Northern Europe.

Christian is partner and concept as well as course developer in PROCE Institute and been onboard since 2016. Christian is Advanced Trainer on the PROCE Business Transformation Course Suite.

Christian has an educational background as a Banking Professional and a Bachelor degree in accounting from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) added with a diploma in Service Delivery Optimization from Scandinavian International Management Institute (SIMI). In addition to that certifications in Agile Project Management and Business Change Management methods.

In the latest 10 years Christian has been an independent Management Consultant with focus on the people side of change and optimization of end-user experiences, mainly in the Financial Industry. In large IT programs Christian is engaged in positions as Implementation Lead or Business Transformation Specialist.