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Launchpad Access 
A Launchpad Access is aimed at all the participants in a Transformation. For example: Specialists in business and IT and product owners. 

Line Managers, Projects Managers, Team Leads and staff in a Project Office, who will need to monitor the content and impact of a transformation across the organisation.

Senior Management Program Management, Enterprise Architects, CXOs and Steerings Groups Members will obtain the tools to define the scope of a project, and the tools to asses the business fit.

The Lauinchpad will enable you to learn about the the 12 Themes of the 12Box Model and how to use the themes.



The lessons are based on Palle Stenver’s book 5 Steps to Succesful Tramsformation. This Site gives access to the first step in a journey to improve the transformation competence.

Other Resources

The 12Box Model offers 6 kind of additional resources :

1: Toolbox
This is an operational description of the templates in the 12Box Model, ranging from the simple Change Sheet to the Strategic Winning map. The Toolbox provides links to the lessons in which the templates are used.

2. Workshops
This is a precise description with agendas for the workshops from strategy to execution in a business transformation. The desriptions contains links to the relevant lessons. This enables all the participants in the workshop to prepare to workshop for a fast and efficient execution.

3. Fora
The Fora are the knowledge sharing part od this site. It contains a regulary updated FAQ regarding the lesson and model, the user’s experiences and hints with using the 12Box model and a blog containing PROCE Institutes newsletters.

4. Shop

The 12Box Model is based on more than 30 years of workshop experience. All the materials needed to facilitate the 12Box Model workshops are made available in the shop.

Access to the Ressources is restricted to the subjects covered by the subscription.


The memberships gives access to 

1:1 Q&A 

Members can ask PROCE Institute’s transformation specialists questions about Perspectives, Themes, Approaches, Elements, Drivers, Platform Map and Transformation Map in a e-mail correspondence. The memberships includes one monthly 1:1 Q&A e-mail.