The 12Box Model

The most powerful Business Design Framework - ever!

The 12 Box Model is built as common denominator to integrate the many analytic tools normally used in business transformations. The 12Box Model has inherited their strengths and it has become the superior transformation framework. 

The development of the 12Box Model started in 1988. It was the fondation at Palle Stenver’s Bachelor Thesis about Innovation at Copenhagen Business School’s education in Strategic Planning. 

The 12Box Model became a compilation of McKinsey’s 7S-model, Leavitt’s model etc. It was used as a Dashboard to assess if the managers had a solid description of the content and impact of an innovation. In following decades, the model has been updated with contemporary tools and frameworks.

In 2012 Palle Stenver was assigned as program manager to a major digital transformation of a £500 million UK Utility Company In London. This resulted in more than 200 travel days in 2 years. 

Now, all the unproductive travel time and boresome leisure time was converted into efficient development time for the framework. Most of the ides were developed at night and tested during the day. 

The use of the 12Box Model resulted in a new speed record for project execution. The responsible Senior Vice President called the transformation the fastest and most successful transformation – just for Guinness Book of Records.

By the end of the assignment, the framework was documented 130 slides.  The slide deck became the book: Disruption and Digital Transformation and the framework was called the 4Dimensions Transformation Framework.

But as we started to teach the 4Dimensions Transformation Framework, it became evident that framework was too comprehensive for the major audience. 

It was then decided to slice the Platform Dimension out of the 4Dimensions Framework and to offer this excerpt as stand-alone analytic model. This is called the 12Box Model.

Framework has been added new features – but mindset has been the same: To create an integrator between commonly used analytic and project methods. This works very well.

However, it has also shown that the 12Box Model uses alone has inherited the strengths of the methods that have been used as inspiration. In fact it also releases the synergies, and the framework now takes business analysis far beyond any other transformation framework. 

Yet, the 12Box model is very simple and the book 5 Steps to Successful business transformation is only 128 pages and in a format that fits into you pocket or any ladies handbag.

Superior Business Design

  • Simple to implement
  • Easy to use
  • Creates a common language across the organisation 
  • Integrate strategy  and implementation
  • Leverage all your investments in training
  • Fits other methods