The New Approach To Business Transformation

Globalisation and digitalisation force companies to do business transformations more frequently and faster. The success rate for such transformations is estimated to be just 30 percent and that is why PROCE™ Institute has specialized in bridging the gap between business change and project execution.


There has been written thousands of books on business and project management. Companies have invested significantly in education and today there are nearly 3 million certified project managers. Yet, there is still a gap between Business and IT.

About 70 percent of all projects fail and that tells me that companies are still not handling a business transformation well enough. That’s why we’ve spent the last five years developing the 12Box Model and 4Dimensions Transformation Framework. It’s a unique catalyst that connects business strategy with change initiatives and it’s actually the only one out there on the market,” says Palle Stenver, who is the founder of PROCE™ Institute.

PROCE™ Institute is capable of helping everyone undergoing a business transformation, but the highest demand is the financial sector. Due to globalisation and digitalisation, these clients are undergoing significant disruptions and they need to implement changes faster and faster to keep up with the competition.

Going Global

“The companies need our solution in order to achieve a better result. It’s as simple as that. Our solution is not a substitution to all the methods for business and project management that already exist. It’s a supplement. We can help companies clarify and specify what they really want.  This will increase their chances for a successful result, because we offer a fast, agile and repeatable business transformation,” explains Palle Stenver.

PROCE Institute™ provides training to management, project managers and project participants and offer consultancy and coaching to organisations. From October on they are going global and they are currently looking for investors for their transformation management software platform.

“We collaborate with the Danish Technological Institute and we feel we are ready as a company to roll out our vision to the rest of the world. Having issues with a business transformation is not just a Danish phenomenon. Our mission is to create the platform that allows organisations to collaborate with technology companies and consultants to ensure successful completion of change projects,” says Palle Stenver.