Course Catalog

Courses in12 Box Model Business Design

The Introduction Course

The introduction explain the background and mindset of the 12Box model Business Design Framework.

It outlines the conceptual understand of the framework and how the lessons are structured.

The Introduction is a free course.

The Launchpad Courses

The Launchpad consists of two courses. The purpose is to provide anyone working with Business Design and Transformation with the fundamental understanding for the initial analysis.

The basic Launchpad explains the 12 Themes of The 12Box Model. The 12 Themes and their structuring is the essence that will the 12Box Model the superstructure on commonly used transformation methods. The Launchpad can beaccessed on a monthly basis.

The Launchpad+ includes the facilities of the Launchpad. Additionally it includes the analytical approaches to define the content of a Business Platform. The Launchpad+ can be accessed with a yearly access plan.